“The best part of the program was walking on an isolated beach at sunrise while listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves crashing, and of course being lucky enough to watch the turtles return to the sea.”

2010-11 NTP Volunteer
Amaprit Virdi (international UWA student from Kenya)

© Amaprit Virdi



“The Ningaloo Turtle Program was an unforgettable experience! It is extremely enlightening every time you see a turtle return to the ocean but even better when you help save a stranded turtle.”

2010-11 NTP Volunteer
Rachel Halton

© Rachel Halton



“Monitoring the pristine beaches of Ningaloo in the mornings is one of the best ways to start the day”

Volunteer 2006/07 & Team Leader 2007/08
Keely Markovina

© Keely Markovina



“Walking beautiful beaches at sunrise with the added excitement of deciphering turtle activity from the night before, the wonder of coming across turtle tracks, turtle nests and sometimes turtles themselves, helping to shepherd baby turtles safely to the water, rescuing exhausted stranded turtles, a refreshing swim at the end of the walk, the camaraderie of the volunteers on the bus journey home, excitedly swapping turtle stories and getting to know these people of all ages and nationalities each year has me eagerly anticipating another turtle season.”

Local Volunteer since 2005
Suzie Noonan

© Tristan Simpson



“7 years on and still I love waking up to go to a secluded beach at sunrise to spend quality time with turtles, hope I’m still doing it in another 7 years”.

Long Term Local Volunteer
Jack Hine

© Michael Halls



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